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Just Dropping In?

Great! Drop ins are always welcome at CFT.  Drop ins are reserved for our out of town visitors.   We recommend that you have at least 3 months of CrossFit experience to drop into a Group WOD at CFT.  


Click below to schedule a class time.  Also, please use the second link to pay the drop-in fee and sign the waiver before you come to class.  We ask that you show up a few minutes early to the class to visit with the coach. 


Guests to our regular members can use the below link as well to drop in if you have CrossFit experience.  

Drop-In Fee: $15/class

Dropping in for longer?

We offer a weekly rate of $50/week.  This will get you access to our group classes for 7 consecutive days!  Use the link below to pay the weekly drop-in fee and sign the waiver.

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