Photo courtesy: Melanie Sioux Photography

Getting Started

Never tried a CrossFit workout before? No problem!


  • It all starts with a free trial class.

  • Use the links below to sign up for a free trial and email the trainers to get a class time set up for your first group workout! We ask that you please show up a little early during this period to meet the coach and discuss any issues you may have. 

  • Our coaches will help you with the movements, making sure you appropriately scale to get a safe and effective workout!

  • After the trial class, you can sign up for your first month of Unlimited membership!  Our monthly membership is $125 per month.  We have group classes available every day of the week and most holidays.

  •  Coming in 4-6 times a week for an hour a day is a great way to see how the CrossFit Methodology works!

  • Once a month, we will host a free Foundations class covering the foundational movements of CrossFit, as well as a brief discussion on Nutrition, Mobility, Recovery, and Programming.

After the Foundations class, congratulations! You are ready to rock and start your journey in the Tertiary Life!

Come in, join a Group WOD, and see how CrossFit is fun, exciting and for people of any fitness level!

We know that a quick search online of “CrossFit” can return some intimidating photos and videos of the top athletes in the world. Please don't let this intimidate you.  Any movement and each workout can be scaled to be appropriate for ANYONE!