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Creating a Culture: Intro

We are in a unique position, and it is our duty, as trainers and athletes, to make the most of that position.

We are starting a gym in a community with a well-established CrossFit base and a large population of people who have never tried CrossFit. We are starting a gym with several well-known trainers. There is an energy here, motivation and desire for more. There are trainers who want to improve the general health of every member and build the best athletes in the area. There are athletes who want to be the best they can be, whatever that means to them.

To make the most of this position, we need to create a culture of health and fitness. It starts outside the gym, with nutrition. Moving inside the gym, we must maintain a focus on the basic tenet of CrossFit: Movement then Consistency then Intensity. We will ensure structured, well programmed classes with engaged coaches who are constantly improving our skill and knowledge. We will be more than a gym, guiding members in a healthy lifestyle beyond the one-hour-a-day class.

I caught the writing bug. The official blog isn’t up yet, it is more back end work than I was expecting. We are about one month out, I want to set the tone and light the FIRE! I want to write a series of blog posts covering the topics I mentioned above. Four posts covering Nutrition, Movement then Consistency then Intensity, Program and Class Structure, and being More than a Gym. These posts will help set the tone for what we are hoping to achieve with this gym. They will be the first steps for Creating a Culture of complete health and fitness.


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