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Creating a Culture: More than a Gym

The last blog post of this series. I’m excited for the blog. This series of posts was more structured than the blog will be in the future. I hope I can write once or twice a week about whatever is on my mind. I hope the other trainers will write as they wish, about whatever they would like. I hope that this blog can be fun for the trainers and helpful to the athletes.

Which brings me to the point of this last post.

We want this to be more than a gym. We want it to be a community. We want inspire people to be more well-rounded, not just in athletics or even health, but as humans. We want to encourage positive lifestyle changes and include challenges that go beyond typical gym challenges (Reading challenges? Boom. Put-down-the-phone challenges? I’m in.). We want to help people set and reach goals far beyond the typical health and fitness goals.

Before it had a name, in the early planning stages, I wanted a weightlifting-friendly CrossFit gym. The more I thought about it, and after some major life changes, I saw what is really needed.

People need community. People need a whole-health focused gym. People need to be prepared to meet anything life may throw at them, choosing to be prepared and not leaving anything up to chance. That is the meaning of living a Tertiary Life: Choice, Preparation, Adaptability.

Then the gym had a name: CrossFit Tertiary.

Let's get this.


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