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Creating a Culture: Program and Class Structure

From the start and for the foreseeable future, CrossFit Tertiary will use CompTrain Class for programming. For athletes, this means better workouts on the micro and macro level, well-organized classes, and better coaching.

CompTrain programs have long been among the best CrossFit programs in the world. The CompTrain Class program is great for CrossFit athletes participating in hour-long group classes, including new athletes, athletes whose goal to get healthy, advanced CrossFit athletes, and local-level competitive athletes.

On the micro level (day-to-day) the program has great workouts. It is a "true" CrossFit program. The focus is on constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity (see what I did there?) including a variety of time domains. It is programmed for seven days a week, and we will have gym hours seven days a week. People can take a rest day on their terms. Since it is planned and structured, the Workout of the Day is exactly that: the workout of the DAY. There is no need to work ahead or “make up” a workout.

On the macro level (long-term), it is progressive and planned. Athletes will improve in all ten areas of fitness. Week-to-week, month-to-month and eventually year-to-year, athletes will see progress as benchmark workouts are re-tested and weightlifting movements are repeated. Everything is recorded, for CrossFit Tertiary it will be recorded in the SugarWOD app.

For general class structure, every day includes a group warm-up, a teaching portion, a rehearsal, and a MetCon. One to three times a week, a weightlifting section is also included. To build community and mix it up, a team workout is included once or twice a week. On Saturdays, team WODs are going to be LIT!

During the warm-up portion, coaches will lead the warm-up to ensure everyone is properly prepared for the workout. The teaching portion of the class covers a few points for every movement. It includes movement break-downs and prep, and often a new drill. Each athlete can be watched and instructed in an organized manner at lower intensity. To prep for the MetCon, the rehearsal ensures proper movements, scaling, and loads. If there is a weightlifting portion, athletes will have the time to complete a few warm-ups sets and the required working sets. Weightlifting periods are organized so the coach can watch and give feedback to every athlete.

And, of course, the MetCon. The WOD, the Workout, The CrossFit Workout. CompTrain has a well planned mix of time domains. Every day will be an hour long. If the MetCon is short, there will be weightlifting or other skill work directly related to the MetCon (In reality, if there is weightlifting, it is usually the focus of the day and the MetCon is supplemental. More on that in future posts). Longer workouts are planned for, and often include interval work. Movements are fictional and varied, and everything is scaleable to any fitness level. Any fitness level.

The other major benefit to the CompTrain Class program is that every day includes excellent coaching notes. Coaches will see new drills, new movement focuses, and new cues to expand our knowledge base and become better coaches.

Once we officially open, you can find CrossFit Tertiary on the SugarWOD app available on any smart phone or similar device. Workouts go live at 7:30pm for the next day. You can check the workout before coming to class or live on the edge and be surprised when you show up. Athletes will record their score in the SugarWOD app, with the option to include detailed notes.

Have fun with the app, take notes and check out fellow member’s scores.

Click here for more info about the CompTrain programs.

Click here for more info about SugarWOD.

Trust the program and process. They work.


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